New Jersey Voters for Animals’ (NJVFA) mission is to support animal-friendly legislators and legislation to improve public policy regarding animal welfare in the state.  We aim to increase the engagement of the New Jersey animal community in public policy to elect officials to build a legal system that stands firmly between animals, and those who want to abuse them.

In states across the nation, people who care about animals are mobilizing, using the political process, and succeeding in passing strong laws to protect  animals. NJVFA is committed to creating an empowered and vocal community that can influence the legislative process.

We firmly believe that a critical step in achieving our goal of eliminating cruelty to animals within our state is to elect candidates who  demonstrate an understanding of the issues and  support policies to address and protect animals.  As a 501(c)(4) political action committee (PAC), NJVFA is one of the only organizations in the state that can endorse candidates and influence elections to benefit animal protection.

We encourage everyone in New Jersey who cares about animals to get involved in the legislative process and get to know your legislators.  Your participation  is vital on behalf of animals since the more members we have, the  more influence we will have with New Jersey politicians.  Your donations of time and money are vital to our success.  Please join us – the animals need you to be their voice in Trenton.